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Upptäck hemligheterna i den indiska kärleks konsten.

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Upptäck hemligheterna i den indiska kärleks konsten.
Ett ungt par visar här många varianter och positioner av Tantra, som kan ge ändlösa orgasmer, och en total sexuelluppfyllelse.

The ancient teachings of Tantra leads you at the Sex in ecstatic heights and lets you unprecedented lust feelings! Discover the secrets of the Indian love of art: A young couple shows you desire without taboo numerous variants and positions of Tantra. For endless orgasms, and the Total-fulfillment! DVD
The old teachings of Tantra takes us back to our roots, reduces us to the essence and originality of this makes a cosmic force, in all areas of life can steer. Our own psychological force in the foreground. Tantriker let the erotic part of their personality deliberately free rein, as they are during the sexual act the Divine on the next. Tantra teaches with all your senses into the here and now to overthrow. There is an Indian cult of ecstasy, a way of focusing on its core approach, a sense of inner strength, self-discipline and be creative, I discover. This does not happen overnight, but with the help of this work are interested in its target a whole lot closer.

- Speltid: ca. 1 tim 30 min
- Antal diskar: 1
- Bildformat: 4:3 Fullscreen (1.33:1)
- Land/Område: Tyskland
- Språk: Engelska, Tyska, Franska, Spanska, Holländska, Italienska
- Extramtrl: Picture slideshow + Bonus previews

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